Shopping at HEB

One of the best things about Texas is HEB! The HEB Plus! store near me has the best produce, fresh meats and bakery products, with my favorite being the Cinnamon Chip muffins :-)

Another thing I LOVE about HEB is their abundance of in-store coupons, affectionately referred to as “YQ”s (aka Yellow Coupons) since they’re yellow. The YQs are placed in front of the product they are for, making it super easy to shop and save at HEB without having to spend time finding and clipping coupons.

The YQs are generally good for a 2 week period, and not all currently available YQs are the exact same time period, so there is always a different selection of them available. The key thing to note about them is the little letter in the bottom left corner, it will be either “M” (Manufacturer Sponsored), “S” (Store Sponsored) or “B” (Big Savings).

While HEB will not price-match, double/triple coupons or accept competitors coupons, they WILL combine a manufacturer coupon with an “S” or “B” type YQ :-) If a YQ is an “M” type, it can NOT be combined with another manufacturer coupon.

If you see a YQ you’d like to use, but they are currently out of stock on the item, be sure to grab what you want to use and hold on to them. This serves as a reminder for you to check if the item is back in-stock on your next visit. It can also come in handy if you visit another location which has the item in stock, but is out of the YQs since the YQs are not store specific 😉

Some YQs say “limited to stock on hand”, but not all. On occassion, if there is a YQ I want to use but there is no stock available, I have gone to the customer service desk and received a raincheck, to use the YQs at a later date.

Their main website:

Their official Coupon Policy can be found here:

The weekly sale ads are viewable online here:

They also have online printable coupons available here:
NOTE: they are essentially just a subset of the coupons already found at, however there is an “H-E-B” category listed on the left side that will show you any available HEB-exclusive coupons.

I do recommend signing up for their HEB emails since they periodically offer email-only coupons!